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BENGALURU: The new dance production, Apsaraa – she, she, them, is here to explore and give us a glimpse of the celestial nymphs. Kavya Kasinathan, senior Bharatanatyam dancer and disciple of Mithun Shyam, will perform this dance feature on June 23 at Seva Sadan, Malleswaram from 6 p.m.

Shyam, who has taken on several roles on stage, including that of Sage Ramanuja recently at the inauguration of the Sage’s Temple in Hyderabad, says, “Apsaraa is an ode to divine femininity that has created historic impact and facilitated the evolution dharmic of humanity. This dance is a reverence to the apsaras who changed the course of fate with a subtle look from their eyes. He wrote the lyrics and choreographed the entire piece.

Apsaraa is a multilingual production that depicts the experiences of five Apsaraas through lyrics in Sanskrit, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada – each Apsara appears and dances to lyrics in one of the languages.

“This production weaves together the stories of five Apsaraas, creating vivid imagery and also highlighting the struggles and realizations that come with responsibility,” adds Shyam. Kasinathan, who has made her mark as a solo Bharatanatyam dancer, tries the five roles. The musical score is by famous musician Karthik Hebbar.

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