Ask Congress to approve $5 billion to fight hunger

I am a constituent of yours and am writing to ask you to support the new call for Congress to provide $5 billion in additional funding for international food aid programs.

The world is facing a hunger catastrophe on an unprecedented scale, with the war in Ukraine fueling food crises around the world. Before the conflict in Ukraine, the number of people facing critical levels of hunger around the world had already more than doubled since 2019. Today, 276 million people suffer from the most extreme forms of hunger, mainly due to the rise in conflict originating 19-19 economic hardship and supply chain disruptions.

The cost of food, fuel and shipping are rising, and new emergencies like the war in Ukraine have led to a massive funding shortfall among global food aid organizations. Collectively, their shortfall has increased by 50% since the start of this year. As a result, the United Nations World Food Program was already reducing rations to starving people. To make matters worse, our estimates show that if the Ukraine crisis continues, the number of people facing hunger worldwide could increase by an additional 47 million people this year.

That’s why we’re asking you to support this $5 billion appeal. The millions of people facing starvation conditions on the planet cannot afford a delay, nor can humanitarian organizations continue to make impossible choices every day about who lives and who dies because of a lack of funding.

I ask you – my representative – to take action to prevent this tsunami of hunger from reaching American shores in a way that will undoubtedly require additional taxpayers’ money for more expensive interventions later. Supporting this call for funding is morally right, economically smart, and vital to our national security.

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