Austin Troxell Main Spotlight: “Give All I’ve Got”

These are some of the characteristics Troxell would like to pass on to his future family. For now, he’s focused on making his senior year at Auburn memorable. In December 2020, Troxell earned his bachelor’s degree from Auburn in Supply Chain Management and he earned additional credits in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Outside of football, Troxell enjoys spending time surrounded by his family. Austin and his wife, Sydney, also enjoy spending time with their dog, Ollie.

Within the Auburn family, the phrase War Eagle is commonly used as a salutation or salutation; its exact meaning is something different for everyone. For Austin Troxell, it means family.

“That’s what Auburn is,” he said. “It’s just one big family. I know it sounds cliché, but it really is. You can go anywhere in the country and if someone says ‘War Eagle’ you know they’re doing part of the family.

Throughout his time at Auburn, Troxell interacted with many different personalities, learning from each teammate. Troxell hopes he touched them as much as they touched him.
Those relationships are what made his decision so easy to return to play for another year.

“I’m going to miss just being part of a team,” he said. “It all depends on the bonds you create off the pitch. It is certainly what I will miss the most. »

Morgyn Jones is a student media relations assistant for Auburn Athletics

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