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I want to thank you all for working together with each other to get through this extremely hot summer season. As we enter the new school year, I hope and pray that our students have a wonderful and safe time at school.

I want to thank everyone who has tried to give back to their community, especially for the kids going back to school. This summer has been busy, with many fun events and activities due to opening after the last pandemic. Let’s also remember that the Covid-19 is still there and the new Monkeypox virus. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, it’s not too late to do so.

Thank you to everyone who made the school supply giveaway and the city’s National Night a success and to all the staff who worked so hard and diligently to make it an unforgettable event.

As you know, summer is ending and we are heading into fall. We are still at the top of the
hurricane season, so please take advantage of the information available on those of you who have trees to trim or are preparing for any disasters that may occur. Do not hesitate to contact the City by visiting the new website for all your hurricane preparedness updates, requests for financial assistance, childcare, tree trimming, miners
home repairs, first time home buyers, free paint, meeting schedule, food giveaway programs, etc.

To locate the rulers of your city, you can do so by get their details online. Please use all the information available to you. You can contact me anytime at 954-477-2943 or [email protected]

City extends amnesty program for code enforcement privileges and accrued fines

The City of West Park has established a period of Code Enforcement Privileges and Fine Amnesty this would resolve the backlog of registered liens / daily fines incurred and seek relief for owners. Furthermore, this program of amnesty from code enforcement privileges and accrued fines will be beneficial in achieving the objective of compliance and will further serve a public benefit by increasing property values ​​throughout the city. The following are the City’s criteria for the Amnesty Program for Code Enforcement Liens and Accumulated Fines:

1. Applications will be accepted by July 31,
2023 and payment of all privileges must take place before July 31, 2023.

2. All property violations on the property must be in compliance and there cannot be any other active code enforcement cases with ongoing violations on the affected owner in the city.

3. All Hazardous Structures Commission liens on any owner-owned property in the city must be paid in full before being approved for participation in the program.

4. Eligible liens or fines must exceed $1,000 and the liens or fines must not have been the subject of an order from the City Special Magistrate to reduce such liens or fines.

5. Owner must submit an Enforcement Application and Agreement to Participate in the Amnesty Program for Liens and Fines Accumulated for Code Enforcement for each lien or fine on the property in July 31, 2023. The owner must pay a $75 non-refundable application fee per property.

6. After verifying that the owner is eligible to participate in the program, the City will approve the application and administratively reduce the amount required to satisfy the eligible liens or fines to fifteen percent (15%) of the face value of the liens or fines. fines, plus the cost of preparing and registering the lien.

7. The owner shall pay the Town by cashier’s check or money order only and the total sum of the following shall be paid by July 31, 2023:
a. The reduced value of the eligible lien(s) or fine(s)
on the property; and or
b. The unreduced face value of any lien less than $1,000;
and or
vs. The total amount due for any lien or fine that has been
reduced by order of the special magistrate; and or
D. The cost per lien of preparing and registering the lien

8. After the owner has paid the total amount due before July 31, 2023the city will execute and record a release of lien(s).

9. Owner’s failure to pay the full amount due to July 31, 2023 will void any approved lien reductions and the property will be liable for the
the full face value of liens or fines as if no reduction had ever been imposed.

For more information on applying the code
Amnesty program for liens and accrued fines, please call
City Hall at 954-989-2688, ext. 209.

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