Bake Off received complaints about issues during this week’s episode


(via channel 4)

Bake Off received complaints for Tuesday night’s episode.

It was cookie week during this week’s Great British Bake Off, but it wasn’t just the bakers who struggled during the show.

The last episode was the subject of complaints as viewers complained about the sound throughout the show.

Channel 4 has been facing technical difficulties with its programming and website since the weekend and Tuesday night’s Bake Off was the last show to suffer from the disruption.

Viewers took to Twitter, wondering why the sound was distorted throughout the episode, complaining that the voiceovers were difficult to hear and that some background noises were louder than others.

“What’s going on with the sound on the voiceover tonight. Really boring, I can barely hear it! One viewer wrote, while another added: “” What’s up with the sound ?! No acknowledgment of that whatsoever… so weird.

A third commented: “Glad to see other people think sound is everywhere tonight.” I didn’t know if it was me or if Noel was doing the voiceover from the bottom of a barrel of cookies ”

Channel 4 addressed the ongoing issues for the second time this week, taking to Twitter to apologize for the issues viewers faced this week.

The technical issues are the result of a fire at the west London broadcast center over the weekend, which has since affected equipment causing the disruption in recent days.

In a statement, Red Bee Media, which broadcasts the channels and commercials, explained: “We confirm that all staff at our broadcast center in west London have been safely evacuated after the systems were activated. fire extinguishing.

They continued, “Due to this incident and the automatic security measures put in place at the time, several services from the Broadcast Center were disrupted.”

“We continue to work to restore all services and address the issues caused by this incident.”

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