Best Bike Shorts 2022 | POP SUGAR Fitness

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We are big fans of bike shorts; Honestly, in the summer, that’s pretty much all we wear. Bike shorts are practical; we love the supportive feel of the leggings, but in the summer the full coverage is sometimes too hot and we need room to breathe. Unlike looser running shorts, the bike shorts ensure that you won’t flash your neighbor into Downward Dog during yoga class, but also that you won’t start sweating before you even get to the gym. If you’re looking for a new pair, we highly recommend these 10 styles.

These picks are the best of the best; we know, because we have done serious research. From great running shorts to comfortable choices you’d be happy to wear all day, these are the styles you can wear all year round. Plus, if you’re someone who likes to train in shorts, you can wear them under sweatpants in the winter, so once inside, you’re ready to move. Our favorites include, but are not limited to, a sweat-wicking pair, a pair with pockets, and a shorts version of one of our favorite leggings. Keep reading to shop our picks!

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