Campbell County School District Board Approves 2022-23 Budget

Gillette, Wyo. –The Campbell County School District Board of Trustees approved the 2022-23 budget trustees presented on July 20.

Superintendent Alex Ayers said July 22 that the board had approved the presented budget administration, without changes.

The planned general fund of $142.6 million is $312,238 from last year. The budget document indicates that the increase is largely due to increased assessed value and staffing needs in the district.

Seventy-two percent of revenues are locally sourced. Nearly 57% of general fund spending will be devoted to education, while 15.4% will be devoted to educational support. Nearly 10% will go to maintenance expenses. In terms of material expenditure, 59% of general fund expenditure will be spent on salaries.

The school district will add six elementary teachers, two special programs teachers, one junior high dual-language immersion teacher and five special programs paraprofessionals.

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Campbell County School District 1 July 20 comparison of budgeted income and expenses. (Campbell County School District 1)

The school board approved a special school district tax of half a thousand at its April 26 meeting. The levy will be used to maintain the programs offered by the Cooperative Higher Education Services Council. The approximately $2.3 million generated by this mill royalty does not
form part of the Campbell County School District budget, but will be reported in the annual audit as a separate unit. The plant has been in operation since fiscal year 1989-1990.

Wyoming legislation this year increased the level at which reserves are limited for school districts from 15% to 30% of their prior year foundation guarantee, through fiscal year 2026. In those years, the additional 15% must be tracked separately from the original 15% and cannot be spent on capital construction.

The Campbell County School District amount is approximately $40.86 million. Reserves above 30% would be a local resource, increasing the district’s recovery. The budget document says the school district should not have board reserves greater than 30 percent of the general operating budget in future years. The district will prioritize the expenditure of restricted resource funds before committed funds, restricted funds, and unrestricted resources to expend government funds, unless the superintendent determines that it is in the interest of the district to expend as another method.

All agenda items were approved, including the administration’s recommendation for the Cooperative Higher Education Services Board, Ayers said.

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This includes accepting notice from Johnson County School District 1, Sheridan County School District 1, and Northern Wyoming Community College District advising Campbell County School District that they will be withdrawing from the Board of Cooperative Higher Education Services effective July 1, 2023 and recommending accepting Lubnau Law Office as district counsel in matters of the Board of Cooperative Higher Education Services, waiving any conflict of interest.

Alison Gee, an attorney with the law firm, is a member of the Gillette Community College District Board of Trustees. Each district is part of the Community Higher Education Council, and the Campbell County School District sometimes provides legal services to the council, per the Conflict of Interest Acknowledgment and Waiver Form.

“The CCDS acknowledges the potential conflict of interest and consents to Ms. Gee continuing
its representation of the CCSD vis-à-vis BOCHES and renounces any potential conflict
interest,” read the agenda.

Items on the agenda also included the following:

  • Ratification of a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for a $44,938 bid for 13 CharacterStrong Basic Toolkits and Training
  • Approve bids and quotes for maintenance and custodial supplies and equipment
  • Approval of a $35,290 bid from Game One/Universal Athletic for a pole vault pit for the Recreation Center Field House, which would be paid for by general funds and the Campbell County Public Recreation District
  • Adoption of Galería de lengua y cultura 1 textbooks for bilingual immersion in grade 7 for $10,826.16.
  • Apply for the Albertsons Nourishing Neighbors Breakfast for Kids Grant

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