Canaan’s new country school holds closing exercises



During the New Canaan Country School closing drills on Wednesday, June 16, school principal Aaron Cooper encouraged the 35-member class of 2021 to build on the many strengths they developed during their time. term in kindergarten to grade 9. The graduates, their families, faculty and staff gathered on the school campus lawn for the outdoor ceremony.

“In addition to all that you have learned in your classes and activities, I hope you will make the most of the resilience, flexibility, patience and focus that you have demonstrated and developed this year. Under the terms of our mission, we hope you will continue to lead a life of impact and purpose. So go make a difference in something that motivates you. It won’t be easy, and you will have moments of doubt, but your teachers and your families and I know you can do it.

Ninth grade student Ben Bilden from New Canaan delivered the class salute in which he greeted those in attendance and recognized the faculty and staff of the school and the sense of community as an integral part of the class success, especially in the final year of the pandemic. “It’s the people here today who made our NCCS trips so amazing and possible, and they deserve to be recognized.”

“First and foremost, the teachers and all the staff at NCCS. Thank you. You are the heart and soul of this amazing school, and our experiences would never have been the same without you. You have helped us to learn, but also to become better people during our time here. Whenever I am asked about New Canaan Country School, the first thing that comes to my mind is community. It is a community where we are encouraged to take risks, where we are supported and where we feel comfortable speaking for ourselves. This sense of community that we have here is thanks to you, our teachers. When we have a bad day, you are there for us. When we don’t understand a topic, you come early or stay late to help us. “

Annie Nichols from New Canaan presented the class reflection. “There is no word to describe the experience of our class at New Canaan Country School. One part is based on individuality and the fact that no two experiences are the same, another part is based on how we were shaped and how we grew up in Country School. We have become resilient, balanced, good sportsmen in difficult and compassionate times of losses. It’s not just about making good people of us, it’s about using our potential for our own good and that of others.

The 2021 class will attend the following secondary schools:

Berkshire School, Brien McMahon High School-Marine Science Academy, Brooks School, Brunswick School, Greenwich Country Day School, Hopkins School, The Hotchkiss School, Kent School, King School, The Loomis Chaffee School, Millbrook School, Miss Porter’s School, New Canaan High School, Pomfret School, Rye Country Day School, St. George’s School, St. Mark’s School, The Taft School and Westminster School.

The 2021 class includes:

John Bajaj, Ben Bilden, Will Boggess, Walker Bright, Miller Burr, Ben Byrne, Conrado Calderini,

Frances Chandor, Julia Cooper, Campbell Essex, Maria Flores, Lorny Goodyear, Fiona Gosk,

Hunter Griggs, Jamie Grubb, Alina Harned, Ella Harvey, Maddy Hasbrouck, Trip Hurley, Oliver Jellinek, Cece Johnson, Sam Jones, Wilder Judelson, Will Mackey, Anna Majewski, Henry Naylor, Annie Nichols, Charlie Ruvinsky, Ned Smith, Harper Teles , Kathryn Thompson, Jane Walsh, Waverly Walters, Henry Warner and Bradley Werneburg.

New Canaan Country School is a co-ed, independent day school for students from Kindergarten (3 and 4 years old) to 9th grade living in Westchester and Fairfield counties. Graduates excel in colleges, boarding schools, and public high schools and lead lives of impact and purpose. For more information, please visit


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