Chaotic Isle of Wight ferries mean a fixed link is needed

A few years ago I wrote to the county press about the difficulties of travel to and from the Isle of Wight.

I had no idea it would get as bad as it does now. All the ferries seem chaotic.

I recently waited an extra half hour for a Red Jet (jet – kidding) that only had three engines so it was driving slowly past the other Red Jet that had completely limped out of service.

I don’t see that Covid can be blamed for this sorry state.

I’m also convinced that, failures aside, companies regularly abandon ferries because they don’t have enough passengers/cars (the famous ‘technical problem’) witnessed the abandonment of most late evening crossings .

So when will there be a recognition by the people of the Isle of Wight that the time has long since come for a fixed bond and enthusiastically embrace it?

I was born and raised on the Isle of Wight, but I dread making the crossing now, simply because it’s unreliable, cumbersome and grossly outdated in the 21st century.

If there was a real expressed need for a fixed link, it would surely happen, but I’m afraid I won’t see it in my lifetime, if ever.

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