Choice of podcast: broadcast address

NBC Cris Collinsworth sat down with Pro Football Focus’ “Talkin’ Ball” where he talked about his broadcasting career. Collinsworth, who is the owner and president of PFF, said he loves broadcasting from the studio “where you have to know something about 32 teams and then I’ve made games, which is to say I know a lot of things on two teams”. Collinsworth: “I like both, but making the plays is a lot harder.” But he noted that he was watching his longtime broadcast partner Al Michaels announcing a game on Amazon was like “watching my wife on a date on national TV”.

OFF-ROAD TUNE-UP: co-hosts of “You Pod To Win The Game” Charles Robinson and Frank Schwab discussed the situation surrounding Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoawith Robinson saying despite “the angst going on right now with the NFL” and how “the NFLPA is pissed off,” as well as “Congress is busy at this point,” the two sides will come to terms on “some protocol improvements. Schwab said ‘that’s NFL history’ and it ‘overshadowed’ some really good games last weekend in the league.

HARD TRUTHS: The publication of the year-long independent investigation into allegations of abuse in the NWSL and American football was discussed on “Attacking Third” with the co-hosts Sandra Herrera and Lisa Roman. Roman said the report’s “overall findings” indicated that US Soccer and the NWSL “failed to provide a safe environment for players and repeatedly ignored allegations of player abuse.” Herrera said it “gets really, really difficult when there are details” that abuse has been seen all the way to youth football.

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