eight best pubs to visit on the tube line

Hats off to you if you make it to the coast and come back in one piece

Pub crawls have become synonymous with college students and can serve as something of a right of passage for many; from the Otley Run in Leeds to the Monopoly Crawl in London, they offer variation and non-stop partying; but all are less than Newcastle Underground pub crawl.

Essentially, our pub crawl involves visiting several bars and pubs in one session, an easy task for a student in Newcastle, and a range of distance between each point of interest.

Luckily for us, we have Tyne and Wear tube a stone’s throw from our house, which makes that half-cut pub-to-pub ride an absolute dream. The nature of the metro allows this particular route to be circular, so you can select the starting point that suits you best while visiting all the pubs. To access all the pubs on the route you’ll need a Nexus travel card or an All Zone Day Saver – trust us from experience, it’s not worth an £80 fine. This will give you access to both the metro and the ferry crossing.

1. The Junction (Haymarket)

The start of your ad conquest. The Junction’s central location makes it a natural starting point, sandwiched between the Haymarket tube and bus station. The junction is easily accessible to those participating in the crawl.

The first of four Greene King pubs on this route, they offer a host of lagers and ales with the added bonus of a student discount offering all students 20% off.

2. The Lonsdale (West Jesmond)

Continuing the Greene King theme, The Lonsdale is located directly opposite West Jesmond Tube Station and a short walk under the tracks will take you to your second stop on your Tube adventure.

Boasting a friendly atmosphere as well as a new refurbishment and variety of pub games, this complements the variety of drinks on offer: Students, be sure to keep your student ID handy as once in addition, a generous 20% discount will be available.

3. Victory (South Gosforth)

A short walk down Station Road will take you to your third stop. One of the most scenic stops on the route, you’ll have the choice of sitting in this classic local or you can enjoy your drinks in the outdoor seating area opposite the pub.

Sitting in this traditional setting, in addition to offering popular lagers, local ales are also available if you desire an authentic taste of the North East.

4. The Black Bull (Four Way Ends)

The second to last Greene King pub on this route and the third to offer the 20% student discount. Similar to the first two, you are guaranteed a good drink at a fair price; Featuring pub games and the occasional show, The Bull is another great pub offering the chance to socialize over a refreshing pint and a quick game of pool.

5. Luggage Storage (Monkseaton)

As we progress halfway, our next stop is definitely the most eccentric of the crawl. Specializing in craft beers, the left luggage room is located in Unit 6 of Monkseaton Tube Station, requiring the shortest walk from the Tube to your pint.

A sight not often seen in pubs, the left luggage room has no TVs as they savor and embody the established values ​​of the pub; quality booze and even better conversation.

6. The Salutation (Tynemouth)

Last stop before the ferry crossing, The Salutation is a five-minute walk from Tynemouth Underground, located on popular Front Street. You get a spacious pub with a variety of drinks, including an excellent two-for-one deal on cocktails. Tynemouth also offers the perfect opportunity to line your stomach as the day progresses.

In addition to Salutation offering popular dishes such as burgers and pizza, other establishments are available including Marshalls Fish and Chips which was visited by Jimi Hendrix in 1967. The more you know.

7. The Would (South Shields)

To access the seventh pub on this trail, you must take the ferry from North Shields to South Shields, where your tube ticket will give you access to the ferry crossing – so have your sea feet ready.

On arrival in South Tyneside it is only a short walk into town via King Street where the penultimate pub awaits. The Wouldhave is included as an honorary Wetherspoons of the Metro Pub Crawl, a student drinking paradise with a highlight of drinks available at affordable prices.

8. Ben Lomond (Jarrow)

The last pub in the crawl is based on Jarrow High Street and it is also the last Greene King pub on the road. They unfortunately do not offer a student discount, but do offer the consolidation that a Greene King pub offers, as at this final destination you can complete the itinerary with an assortment of the most popular lagers and other drinks alcoholic.

9. It’s up to you

If you’ve visited all the pub crawls and aren’t ready to spend the night, use the metro to extend your crawl or adapt this route to your liking. You can add any other station to it, or just make the most of your day ticket and return to Newcastle and continue your alcoholic adventure there.

It’s such a fun way to spend your Saturday and your introduction to the North East isn’t completely over until you’ve bought a bev from every pub on the crawl. Good luck.

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