Elon Musk accidentally reveals his address

He is the richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of $260 billion as of August 19, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

He is also considered the most innovative and revolutionary boss since that of Apple. (AAPL) Steve Jobs. He leads companies that want to revolutionize transport (Tesla (TSLA) ), conquering Mars (SpaceX), building humanoid robots into which we can upload our personalities (Neuralink) and building underground tunnels to relieve traffic jams in big cities (The Boring Company).

And to say he is the it-CEO is an understatement. He also arouses a lot of passion among his fans who are ready to defend him against what they see as unfair attacks on their idol. His detractors are equally passionate, calling him megalomaniac, selfish and dangerous.

Oops! “Might need a new PO Box”

Elon Musk is a charismatic and whimsical serial entrepreneur who divides. But each of his tweets on the social network Twitter, his favorite communication channel, is closely scrutinized and commented on. Most of his posts are the subject of articles in the media, which ensures him free publicity both for himself and for his various companies.

Faced with distrust of politics and the lack of a charismatic leader in today’s world, Musk has become an inspirational figure at home and abroad. Each of his posts is capable of creating excitement or uproar around the world.

Recently, he announced in a tweet that he wanted to buy the English football club Manchester United. The news caused a stir on social networks, boosted the shares of the club which is a public company, and caused a debate on the future of this legendary team.

Musk is a rock star with his 104 million Twitter followers and he knows it. His fans ask for more and follow him closely. And like any superstar, fans want to know every detail of their idol and often turn into detectives.

The billionaire, who moved from California to Texas at the end of 2021, has just served them on a silver platter with crucial information: his postal address. Indeed, Musk revealed on Twitter the address where to write to him. This surprise (or calculated) revelation came when the tech mogul shared a letter to him from a Stanford professor who may have been his teacher when the billionaire was accepted into the prestigious university.

“Nice letter from Bill Nix, who would have been my professor at Stanford if I hadn’t put graduate school on (permanent) reprieve,” Musk posted on Twitter on Aug. 19.

As you can see, he forgot to scramble his address in the top left:

“Mr. Elon R. Musk


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PO Box 341886

Lakeway, TX 78734″

And the titan of tech will realize it a little later.

“Maybe need a new PO box after tweeting this 🤣”, he reacted.

Musk’s moves are tracked

This surprise revelation is obviously the joy of his fans who engage in a contest of jokes. Some say they know now where to send him gifts and birthday cards, while others take the opportunity to send him invitations to distribute since they are neighbors.

“Now we know where to send the birthday cards. 😀,” one Twitter user commented.

“You could have used a permanent marker to cross it before taking the picture,” another user posted. “Would have saved some money. Now you have to buy a new PO box. Ask for a replacement. They will only charge a transfer fee. Let me know how it goes.”

“We are neighbors! Come hang out with us. You still owe me lunch from years ago. I won’t forget,” another user added.

It is possible to follow the movements of the billionaire via the Twitter account @ElonJet, which follows the movements of his private plane. This account was created and is managed by Jack Sweeney, a student.

Musk does not particularly appreciate this initiative and has already indicated that it has an impact on his security.

“Unfortunately, it becomes a security problem,” he lamented last January.

@ElonJet is still active. Musk had just landed in the Hamptons enclave in New York state, a summer hotspot for wealthy New Yorkers, at the time of writing, according to ElonJet.

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