Farooq Rehmani sends Eid greetings to Kashmir and Palestinian Muslims – Kashmir Media Service

Islamabad, May 01 (KMS): The crescent world presents a gloomy picture on Eidul-Fiter, says Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, Head of Hurriyat Conference Chapter of All Parts of AJK.

He extended his Eid greetings to Muslims including Kashmiris, Palestinians and millions of subjugated Muslims across the world and the unfortunate Muslims facing slaughter in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar and forced to live a lives of submissive and poor refugees.

He lamented the current situation in some of the liberated states where Muslims were killing each other, in some like India under a fascist Hindutva regime the huge Muslim population was subjected to annihilation through ethnic cleansing and racist citizenship laws and despite the UN Charter and global resolutions against Islamophobia, the Quran and the Holy Prophet were being desecrated by white Western racists and RSS fanatics in India with nefarious intent.

He urged all Muslim states to unite against the enemies of Islam and unity in whatever form and manifestation they may appear before the world.

He referred to Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine and said that either the UN should honor its promise to grant Kashmiris and Palestinians their right to freedom or surrender to the obscurantist and racist states of the Indian Hindu racism or Israeli Zionism and finally signing on to the UN apocalypse.

He expressed a similar message for the OIC, which claimed to protect Muslims and their identity in all countries of the world. He warned that the racist Indian regime of Narendra Modi has become a powerful and persistent threat to Islam and Muslims in India for more than a decade and has deceived some Muslim countries under the guise of trade and commerce. He called on the Arab world to be aware of the machinations of Hindutva too sneakily penetrating the Muslim oil and energy regions.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani warned of demographic shifts in India, aggressive cultural policies and political, economic and military maneuvers under which Modi’s Delhi regime imposed racist and draconian laws to catch and kill young people, create obstacles in universities and colleges for higher education inside or outside. outside the country, put these scholars and students behind bars to prosecute them under one or another pretext. These highly educated young people are in prisons or interrogation centers under false charges and Hitlerian prosecution measures are underway to annihilate them in the prisons over time.

The NIA and SIA, the two inhumane and lawless state organizations that crack down on corrupt practices, were leading such apparatus to convict Kashmiri leaders, human rights defenders, independent journalists, academics or students for their patriotism or their uncommitted sins. He said there were no travel documents for Kashmiri students to study abroad and there was no peaceful environment in Indian colleges and universities.

He called on the UN Secretary-General and his Human Rights Council to exert the necessary pressure on the parties, particularly India, to start their stalled talks on the dispute, to maintain the principles of the UN resolutions before them to resolve the long-standing dispute. The United Nations must not allow Kashmir to be forgotten, which could jeopardize an entire race of bona fide Kashmiris in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

“This Eid message reflects the feelings of all Kashmiris and it must be heard and understood loud and clear by the UN, India and Pakistan,” he concluded.

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