Greetings from the Chamber of Lost Wishes

Brian and Penny Millett of Yass are celebrating a milestone today: “My wife and I are very fortunate to have reached our 65th wedding anniversary and realize how rare such longevity is in a marriage,” writes Brian. “We have received congratulations from many great and famous, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and also Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Mr Albanese’s card was unique because he had used one of Scott Morrison’s outdated blank greeting cards and stuck a personalized card of him on it. We appreciate the wish and also its frugality in recycling ScoMo’s lost wishes.

“As for the opossums (C8), ours in Cremorne ate everything from parsley to marigolds and according to the local vet were responsible for the fleas on the dog,” says Ken Batten of Lake Macquarie. “Nothing would discourage them. So we moved. »

Speaking of moving: “I never regretted moving to Brisbane in 2010,” writes Grant Agnew of Coopers Plains (Qld). “One of life’s many pleasures here is the local opossum control device. It’s reliable, renewable, organic, made in Australia and available without supply chain issues. It’s quiet and is even cheaper than solar power. So you never have to worry about it, you keep it in the roof. I even gave mine a non-discriminatory name: Albertoralberta. He or she is a snake of carpet.

Valerie Bray of East Killara is unfamiliar with opossums “but I hung a big teddy bear on the fence next to my vegetable patch a year ago and it definitely keeps the turkeys away from the brush.”

“I may have missed a plot while watching Top Gun: Maverick, but I think they were training at Edwards Air Force Base in California,” says Jeff Stanton of Strathfield. “They had a week to complete the mission, including training and transportation. They shipped from San Diego on a carrier. If the carrier traveled at 25 knots for three days, it would be 1,800 nautical miles from San Diego. The target was in snowy mountains with pine forests. I think they attacked Canada.

As Enmore’s John Perry suggests, “One way to determine if an idea has a chance of passing the pub test (C8) is to throw it in the think tank and see if it floats”, Cherrybrook’s Allan Gibson think, “The pass mark has been set at a high bar.

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