Greetings from the Metümnyo Festival | MorungExpress

Dimapur, August 6 (MExN): On the occasion of the Metümnyo festival, S Keoshu Yimkhiung, Counselor of IPR & VG, Government of Nagaland conveyed his greetings to the entire Yimkhiung community.

The councilor said that “Metümnyo”, the first festival of Yimkhiung (Naga) is celebrated from August 1 to 8 every year after the millet harvest. “It is an occasion for friends and relatives to treat each other with food and drink and an auspicious time to consolidate love and friendship with enemies and a promising time to declare oneself to welcome the feast of the merit. The festival has several meanings,” he said.

During the festival, the children are sanctified by the parents by laying down six pieces of meat for the male child and five for the female child to indicate that the male has six souls and the female five. Subsequently, it is marked by the engagement of the young lovers by the parents who have vowed to marry and can set the date on this occasion. Gifts are exchanged between married brothers and sisters. Additionally, various rituals are performed to invoke bountiful harvest and blessings throughout the year and also to ward off evil spirits that cause harm.

“This is a festival of reconciliation, forgiveness and building strong bonds between brothers and neighbors. Further, I pray that this festival brings you all joy, love, peace, unity and prosperity throughout the year,” Keoshu added.

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