Hallmark launches new way to send greeting cards, personalized videos


Hallmark’s video greeting cards are the latest innovation from the 111-year-old company that is reinventing the way we connect to each other

Punch Cards, Inc. has introduced a whole new type of greeting card that makes it easier than ever to create unique moments that last a lifetime. Hallmark Video Greeting Cards are real Hallmark cards that allow users to easily add personalized video to the card.

“We are delighted to introduce our customers to this new way of sending messages of joy, care, love and encouragement through personalized videos,” said Lindsey Roy, Hallmark Marketing Director. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday or special occasion, our customers can now find the perfect Hallmark card to help them connect with loved ones in an experimental and immersive, digital and tangible that can be replayed and revisited for years to come. “

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This is how it works:

  • After choosing a perfect Hallmark Video Greeting Card, you scan the card code with your phone.
  • Once online, you can add a name, select a song, or attach photos and videos with your heartfelt message.
  • You also have the option of inviting other people to participate, adding their personalized messages to the greeting, via a special URL.
  • After all the videos are uploaded, Hallmark will quickly stitch the photos and videos together into one video.
  • When your loved one receives the card, they scan the card code to view, download and share their video on social networks and via direct messages.

Hallmark Video Greeting Cards are available at Hallmark.com, Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, and other select retailers. Hallmark also offers a digital-only option on Hallmark.com where personalized video greetings can be personalized and sent electronically via email, text, or social media using the same technology.

“This personalized awareness blends the digital and physical connections our consumers desire and helps them share their special message with loved ones on D-Day, or just because, to create the Hallmark moment they expect from us, but from a whole new way, ”Roy says.

Hallmark Video Greetings is Hallmark’s latest innovation, which continues to reinvent the way to create a more emotionally connected world. Earlier this year, Hallmark introduced Sign & Send â„¢, a new technology that allows people to add their personal handwriting to a real Hallmark card, address an envelope, stamp and send the card using only their own. telephone. For more than 110 years, Hallmark has been an industry leader in helping consumers live more caring, connected lives filled with meaningful moments.

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