How to Whitelist Email Addresses in Gmail

Are you finding emails from colleagues and clients landing in your Gmail spam folder? Here’s how you can make sure their emails reach your inbox.

Whitelisting an email address in Gmail is a very simple thing to do. However, it can be quite daunting if you don’t know where to start.

Here’s how to quickly and easily whitelist an email address in Gmail.

Why add an email address to the whitelist?

First, you need to know which email addresses you are trying to whitelist and why. This is because Gmail automatically sends untrustworthy emails to your spam folder, but it can sometimes get overzealous.

If this worries you, you can create a whitelist to ensure that emails from specific addresses always arrive in your inbox.

How to Whitelist an Email Address in Gmail

  1. Find it gear icon in the upper right corner of the Gmail client. Once clicked, the quick settings menu will drop down. Click on the top of this menu where it says See all parameters.
  2. From there, you’ll want to navigate to the header titled Filters and blocked addresses. Below, click Create a new filter.
  3. Type the email address you want to whitelist in the field Of hall. You can whitelist an email address or domain. You can also add multiple email addresses if you separate them with a comma (,). If you have contacts with a custom email address using Gmail, you can whitelist them to ensure you receive their emails.
  4. Once you have clicked on Create a filter, you will have several options to choose from for your filter. Check the box that says Never spam it.

And with that, you’re done. Now, whenever someone sends you an email from the address or domain you whitelisted, you can be sure it will arrive in your inbox.

Whitelisting doesn’t have to be difficult

As you can see, this is a pretty easy way to set up a whitelist for Gmail. If you’ve ever wondered how to whitelist an email address in Gmail, now you know.

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