Inside Los Angeles’ struggle to solve its homeless crisis

It is estimated that more than 60,000 people live on the streets and in the parks of Los Angeles.

Or in other words – 20% of all homeless Americans – are in Los Angeles.

“We have too many people becoming homeless. We have a system that is funded with not enough resources to serve everyone who needs to be served, and we don’t have enough housing to move them into.”

The homeless are suffering and their numbers are increasing.

“My kids started realizing that it wasn’t just our problem, a lot of people were going through it’s, it’s kind of the period right now.”

But the solutions are not simple. And tempers are on fire.

Today, About: Can the city find a way to house everyone who lives in LA?


Theo Henderson, an Angeleno who has experienced homelessness. Host of the We The Unhoused podcast. Activist in residence at the Institute on Inequality and Democracy at UCLA. (@TheoHen95302259)

Heidi Marston, former executive director of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. (@heidimarstonLA)

Also Featured

Rachel Estradedirector of peer advocacy at Haaven, a shared housing provider in Los Angeles.

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