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For the editor:

A recent “Letters to the Editor” published a contribution from a local DeSantis critic decrying any mention of religion in schools as “indoctrination” not education.

It turns out that 84% of the world’s population believes in some form of religion, and that’s over 6.5 billion souls. Mapped: major world religions, by distribution (

The discussion of religions in the school curriculum is not indoctrination but simply the study and recognition of their existence and clearly religion binds a large part of the world’s population much like food, water and water. breathable air. It is a fact of life on our planet and the mere acknowledgment of its existence is nothing more than an education.

In terms of percentage of the population in the United States, 1.4 identify as gay, 0.7 identify as lesbian, and 0.6 identify as transgender. These numbers certainly represent a tiny minority of our overall population in this country, however, the liberal left is constantly beating the drums on the importance of educating our young people about the meaning of these “sexual preferences”. Presumably, teachers are not advocating for non-gay, non-lesbian, and non-transgender students to all become gay, lesbian, or transgender, but simply “educate” about differences in sexual orientation within society. The same goes for education about world religions. No one is “indoctrinated” but all are equally educated.

So where is the dichotomy?

On the opposite page of Eagle last week, a guest comment was posted by Gwynetta Gittens titled “The race to the finish line is always won one step at a time.” Gwynetta was a longtime teacher and now holds a seat on the Lee County School Board, representing District 5.

Part of his opinion comment stated, “Thank you to the Governor and lawmakers for recognizing the importance of tracking progress in proficiency. With their help, the race is changing. All of our students are moving and learning, but at different paces. Schools, administrators , teachers or a district should be judged on all the history, all the struggle, and all the hard work it takes to help students succeed.

So, an opinion from our governor of a lifelong educator and school board member and another opinion from a politically partisan critic of DeSantis in the same posting on the opposite pages. Who “opinion” is believable?

Christian Max

City of St. James

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