JULO Launches Full Digital Credit Features, Lets Indonesia Live Its Life


Jakarta, Indonesia, September 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Established in Indonesia as a technology company, PT. JULO Teknologi Finansial (JULO) launches digital credit with full functionality, including cash and non-cash transactions. The official launch of JULO Digital Credit is presented through the campaign “Hidupkan Hidupmu” (Live your Life) which allows Indonesia to live their life to the fullest with JULO Digital Credit. As a fully licensed peer-to-peer lending company, JULO is committed to providing access to credit to millions of consumers through Indonesia and foster financial inclusion in the country.

Indonesian FinTech JULO Launches Comprehensive Digital Credit Features to Encourage Empowerment Through Financial Stability

With the launch of JULO digital credit, users can use their – up to IDR 15 million (1 thousand dollars USD) – limit for various transactions including withdrawal of funds, transfer of funds, airtime top up, utility bill payment, e-wallet top-up, e-commerce and QRIS payment. The latest JULO QRIS (Quick Response Indonesia Standard) feature allows users to transact with any of 8 million QRIS-enabled merchants nationwide. Moreover, with the low interest rate starting at 0.1% per day, users will be able to manage their cash flow and meet their financial needs easily from their smartphone.

CEO and co-founder of JULO, Adrianus Hitijahubessy Says, “The transformation of JULO products is designed to facilitate digital transactions in addition to regular cash lending. We believe that JULO digital credit would not only provide financial access to Indonesians, but also allow them to increase their quality of life. “ “This year we have seen a significant increase in consumer demand as we experience over 100% growth in disbursements from the year 2020 to date.,“adds Adrianus Hitijahubessy.

Puri, one of JULO’s users, admits that JULO has helped her meet her basic needs. “I use the JULO funds withdrawal feature to meet my needs. Plus, it was a breeze in the process, ”Puri explains. Ariyanto, another JULO user, says: “Digital credit has really helped me progress during this ordeal. I can buy basic necessities with it.

In addition to the launch of the new JULO digital credit, JULO encourages Indonesians to empower themselves to achieve their life goals. The empowerment project began by inviting the public to share their greetings to their surroundings on social media. This invitation is greatly appreciated by the public with over 100 participants taking part in this campaign and posting their greetings on all platforms. One of the participants @ dr ** ny greeted the teachers and tweetedA tribute to the teachers who take online teaching to a whole new level. You are my inspiration. #HidupkanHidupmu (#LiveYourLife) “.

Marketing Manager JULO, Mikhal Anindita Says, “It’s great to see the enthusiasm and participation in the Hidupkan Hidupmu campaign. Through this campaign, JULO would like to thank all those who aspire to move forward and achieve their lives. In this time of a non-ideal pandemic, we really need the positive vibes to empower us to meet the life challenges we face. “

As one of the largest developing countries in the world, the financial literacy rate of 40% in Indonesia has become a challenge for financial practitioners (OJK Financial Literacy Survey, 2020). One of the renowned financial literacy platforms, Heard Keuangan shares his agreement. “The majority of Indonesians have a lack of understanding in using credit facilities. Many of them were trapped in consumer habits. In reality, credit facilities can be beneficial when used wisely where they could potentially stimulate Indonesia economic growth as a whole. Hi, JULO is committed to building financial literacy in addition to doing business. Adds the content creator.

To date, 70% of JULO digital credit loans have been used for life improvement, such as business capital, house renovation, health care and for educational purposes. JULO believes that the transformation of the product into digital credit combined with continuous financial education would enable customers to use the digital credit product effectively and, ultimately, customers could empower themselves to live their lives to the fullest.

About JULO

JULO is a digital credit company that is revolutionizing access to fi nancial products for millions of emerging consumers by Indonesia. The company developed the first digital credit underwriting and data-driven risk assessment platform to process consumer credit applications and determine their creditworthiness using its mobile app.

Founded at the end of 2016, JULO has grown nationwide. JULO is based at Jakarta and is backed by leading venture capital firms. JULO was officially licensed as a supplier under the circulation number OJK KEP-16 / D.05 / 2020 on May 19, 2020.

JULO has been downloaded by over 5 million users and has made credit easy for hundreds of thousands of customers. JULO has won several awards namely; Winner of the Indonesia Fintech Festival (2016), Winner of the UN Fintech Challenge (2018) and Winner of the Fintech Inclusive 50 (2019). For more information, please visit https://www.julo.co.id


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