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For some reason, carjacking has become much more prevalent in Minnesota over the past year or so. The number of cases in Minneapolis increased 57% in 2021 from the previous year – 619 in 2021 from 388 the year before.

It’s not just a Minneapolis problem. All Minnesotans should be affected. Many of us travel to the Twin Cities for business, leisure or to visit family. We could be just as likely a target for carjackers as a native of Minneapolis.

Many of us have relatives in the Twin Cities and we don’t have to worry about the safety of our loved ones.

Car hijacking is a far more dangerous crime than auto theft, where someone steals your car while you are not with it. Carjackers, usually armed, accost the drivers, sometimes assault them, sometimes shoot them. They take cars without worrying about what they may contain – a pet, for example, or a baby in a car seat. Over the weekend, a 1-year-old boy was safely collected and returned to his mother after a car thief took him away with the car.

Minnesota lawmakers are preparing to meet at the end of the month, and they should be prepared to look for ways to toughen up laws around carjacking, especially in cases of physical violence and gun threats. .

Those who think police funding is a good idea should start pushing for comprehensive police funding and staffing to deal with this growing threat.

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