Major roof terrace plan for Nottingham’s historic Ye Olde Salutation Inn

One of Nottingham’s oldest pubs could see big changes if new plans are approved. If plans are approved, the Ye Olde Salutation Inn in Hounds Gate would create a fenced-in rooftop terrace for drinkers.

There would be an adaptation of the existing roof terrace to add a new metal staircase up to the new roof terrace, with a raised floor built over the existing flat roof. New lighting is also planned for the Grade II listed building.

During the Covid pandemic, a £30,000 fundraising campaign was launched to save the pub, which had previously survived plagues and wars. It has real ales, a great wine selection, and a gourmet menu, plus it’s one of the few venues for local rock bands in the city center.

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The planning documents showed hoped-for plans to create and “enhance the external social experience” at the pub. He also expressed the view that the pub was an important part of the community providing a place to socialize and relax in an alternative environment to their home.

A planning document submitted on behalf of Stonegate Group, which manages the pub, added: “The final design proposal has been reached to ensure improved facilities not only for the pub but also for the wider community to ensure that installation creates a more attractive amenity for the area.

“The proposal is of a design, layout scale and massing that is compatible with the locality and all neighboring buildings and spaces to meet the conditions outlined in the planning advisory documents provided by Nottingham City Council. “

Nottinghamshire Live has contacted Ye Olde Salutation Inn for comment. The application is currently pending consideration by Nottingham City Council.

Previous plans for a roof terrace were presented in 2019. The property claims to be Nottingham’s oldest licensed building dating back to 1240.

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