National Education Support Staff Day: recognition required


MONTREAL, September 30, 2021 / CNW Telbec / – Everywhere in Quebec, every year since 1999, on the fourth Thursday in September, national education support staff day is famous.

“Experienced since the start of this pandemic, as many employees have been, the tens of thousands of support employees who perform essential daily tasks in various schools, CEGEPs and universities have had to show resilience and ability to adapt, like no other, which should be to their credit and deserves to be highlighted. »Affirms from the outset, Stéphanie Gratton, interim president of the Federation of Public Service Employees (FEESP-CSN).

Employees who make the difference despite all the challenges they face

Whether it’s administrative support, building maintenance or direct student service, these vital tasks, which often take place behind the scenes, make all the difference in the field. However, as pointed out by the president of the CEGEP support staff of the FEESP-CSN, Martine Moreau, there are many challenges, especially with regard to staff retention and workload.

“Attracting and retaining staff in CEGEPs are becoming more and more difficult, in particular due to insufficient remuneration in several categories, despite the last round of negotiations in the public sector. In addition, the instability of employment, mainly caused by seasonal layoffs and the growing use of temporary workers, only increases the pressure on employees in positions where the workload has steadily increased. ‘increase since the start of the pandemic,’ confirms Ms. Moreau.

Existing issues exacerbated by the pandemic

We hear the same story of support staff at the elementary and secondary levels of the school sector, where there is a massive shortage of staff to fill vacancies despite the dire need on the ground.

“Whether in daycare, special education or in general sectors of school boards, including maintenance support staff, we have observed a general shortage of staff that has persisted for years, which the pandemic has worsened. Between the disinfection protocols that have become permanent, the daily risk of epidemics, and more recently the deployment of rapid screening tests, the increase in the workload has become a daily reality for staff working in schools and health centers. school services and school boards. »Adds Annie charland, President of the School Sector of the FEESP-CSN.

Support staff at Concordia University: a similar reality

TO Concordia University, where support staff shortages continue to reign despite an increasing number of students, faculty and departments, the reality is no better.

“Rather than seeing our support staff as a valuable institutional repository of knowledge and experience, Concordia University considers support staff to be a cost to be reduced. It is deplorable, denounces the president of the Concordia University Support Staff Union – Technical Sector (CUUSS-TS – CSN), Jaime Yeargans. This lack of vision always results in more work for the staff and degraded support for the entire community. The support of the FEESP-CSN will continue to be invaluable to the support staff at Concordia as we go through this hybrid pandemic situation with all the anxiety it brings. “

Indispensable more than ever

In this particular context, the FEESP-CSN wishes, once again, to pay tribute to the immense work accomplished on a daily basis by the some 42,000 members, who without school facilities, CEGEPs and universities could not offer all their services to the children of Quebec schools. and students. “Thank you for your resilience, your professionalism and your daily attendance. Indeed, you are all more than ever essential! », Concludes Stéphanie Gratton.

Let us recall that the national day of education support staff was instituted in 1999 by the unions affiliated to the Federation of Public Service Employees (FEESP-CSN). This day sheds light on the thousands of women and men who arrive on site every day to perform tasks essential to the proper functioning of service centers, school boards, CEGEPs and universities in Quebec.

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The FEESP-CSN represents more than 35,000 members in 33 school service centers and school boards, nearly 6,000 members in 34 CEGEPs and approximately 640 members in Concordia University, in particular, office workers, guards, daycare educators, special education technicians, computer technicians, laboratory technicians, attendants for disabled students, and school and principal secretaries.

Globally, it brings together 425 affiliated unions representing more than 65,000 unionized workers in the public and parapublic sectors.

SOURCE Federation of Public Service Employees (FEESP-CSN)

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