New hotel plan for ‘Prettiest Street in Nottingham’ welcomed by businesses

A new hotel could open on what has been described as “Nottingham’s finest street”. Two 18th century old townhouses on High PavementLace Market would be converted and expanded into a “high quality hotel” if new plans were approved.

The vacant building was recently used as an office by St Mary’s Chambers, which practices family law and moved earlier this year to Stoney Street. The existing three-storey layout would be modified by owners St. Mary’s Nottingham Ltd into new single en-suite bedrooms, with the exterior of the building along High Pavement retained to retain the historic facade.

Antonio Oriente, 48, owner of Pizzamisu across the road, said the hotel would improve what he thought was one of the “prettiest streets” in the city. “It’s one of the best and most beautiful streets in the city center, with the Pitcher and Piano, the museum, the gallery and the church,” Mr Oriente said.

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“It’s a good thing for business, we already get people from the other hotel. To be honest, I don’t see anything against having a hotel there.

“It would attract more tourists and not negatively impact business here. We could make more money with more people staying at a new hotel nearby.”

Marco Cartolano, 42, who runs the nearby Hungry Pumpkin cafe, said a new hotel would be a good addition to High Pavement.

“If there are more people walking, it’s good for the area. As long as it stays that way, it looks wise, a new hotel would be great.

“The neighborhood and the buildings are very beautiful and historic. It’s a lovely place, so why not bring more people that way.

“Leaving it empty wouldn’t help anyone, and it’s a great access route into the city. The longer it’s empty, the worse it is for the building.”

Potential new hotel site at 26-28 High Pavement, Lace Market

If the development receives planning permission, a new extension would be located in an area that had already been repaired following explosive damage caused during World War II. The planners said so the addition would be “accommodated without structural compromise or impact on the historic integrity of the period listed buildings it sits alongside”.

Lauren Knowles, 22, who works at Cock and Hoop on High Pavement, added: “I had no idea. It would make a real difference on the street.

“It would be nice if the empty space was filled with really anything. I haven’t heard of it, but I’m sure we’ll find out more if it continues.”

In a planning document, Paul Hicking Associates, on behalf of the applicant St Mary’s Nottingham Ltd, said: ‘The proposals provide for: continued sustainable use of existing listed buildings designed around maintaining the cellular plan form of the interior. The existing listed structures are retained and the new extension is included without compromising the integrity of character and structure, therefore the proposals take into account and preserve the character and appearance of the listed buildings and conservation area. »

Nottinghamshire Live has contacted St Mary’s Chambers for comment. The development application is currently awaiting review by Nottingham City Council.

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