No wonder the CCC is so unpopular



At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the only covered establishments that the public could visit on a regular basis were stores selling food and emergency services such as doctors, vets and pharmacies.

Later this was extended to non-essential stores, and then gradually, as they instituted coronavirus control procedures, such as opticians and dentists.

Recently pubs, cinemas and theaters could open with some number restrictions. So it is perhaps surprising that, as of this writing, Ceredigion County Council (CCC) has yet to open the doors of its offices in Canolfan Rheidol, even apparently to a small staff, let alone the general public. . Its doors carry the somewhat contradictory statement.

“Welcome to Canolfan Rheidol. This office is currently closed.” Those wishing to contact the board receive a phone number or send an email to [email protected]

I note your report from the CCC Corporate Services Oversight and Review Committee of July 7 of this year in which the disconnection between Clic, the departments to which they referred inquiries and complaints and the advisor or member of the public making the original request. The automatic response to an e-mail from Clic is only an acknowledgment of receipt and does not include any reference number or any other information. Cllr Keith Evans, the former head of the council, has been complaining about it for a year.

A city councilor advised me to click on a file concerning the CCC in July 2020. Given the pandemic, I waited until November before asking for a response. I put a hard copy of my letter in Canolfan Rheidol’s mailbox in March of this year. I only received a response after my city councilor complained directly to the appropriate department at the CCC. I still do not have a reference number or the name of the officer involved. The case cannot be resolved until they have access to their archives, which they currently only do in an emergency.

Recently, a sewer overflowed onto a CCC-owned public access lot adjacent to my house. I telephoned D? R Cymru who told me that it was a responsibility of the CCC because it was not a public sewer. I called the CCC who persuaded D? R Cymru to remove the blockage.

I am involved in a group that removes trash from the little stream that runs through Plascrug. We haven’t cleaned it for several months. On the last inspection we found a bicycle, a supermarket cart and a trash can from the playground in the ditch. CCC normally deletes these larger items. They were still there 11 business days after we acknowledged our request. The CCC printed the slogan “Caru Ceredigion” on their bins and several of their notices.

An Aberaeron city councilor recently resigned after 13 years of service, citing the CCC abdicating responsibility for keeping his town clean as one of the reasons.

We were rather surprised to learn three weeks ago that CAC officers were not currently meeting members of the public in person, even outside.

The changes to road traffic in the “safe zone” have caused considerable controversy in the towns of Ceredigion where they have been introduced. Presumably, the CCC has become the hostage of any cafe, restaurant or hotel owner wishing to have tables on the street outside their establishment. Arrangements for deliveries and collections in the security zone may have been compromised. Some road works seem surprisingly permanent. If there were to be a hidden agenda for making these cities pedestrian, then different criteria should be used for any permanent development.

Will this council, which has closed its offices long-term, won’t let its staff meet with you and often don’t respond when contacted, wondering why it’s unpopular?

David Kirby Hafodwen Cae Melyn Aberystwyth

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