Pet of the Week: Greetings to Sheldon

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – A drooling someone introduced themselves to the WTVY team and the public on Tuesday as our final pet of the week.

Melissa Gideon, animal control officer for Dothan City Animal Shelter, was back with us on Live at Lunch. Our new pal this week was Sheldon, 11 weeks, a schnauzer terrier who had lots of love despite being a bit camera shy.

Melissa told us it was Sheldon’s first big outing, which explained the cautiousness, but at home he was wall to wall and very active. He loves to play and loves to go out.

A fun little thing about Sheldon is that his ears always stay open and alert to the world around him, and he’s able to hear every little sound. So don’t think that you can scare him easily.

Sheldon – WTVY Pet of the Week – July 19, 2022(Dothan Animal Sanctuary)

Like any puppy, Melissa says you’ll have to be patient with Sheldon if you want to adopt him, but he’d be a great companion who would bring a lot of joy to any home.

If you want to meet Sheldon in person and explore the possibility of bringing him home forever, you can check out the Dothan Animal Shelter at 295 Jerry Drive. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also call the shelter at (334) 615-4620. If you want to adopt Sheldon and you are renting, you are required to have a letter stating that your landlord approves of getting the puppy. Melissa also says a fenced yard is best.

For an up-to-date look at any of the animals up for adoption at the shelter, visit the ‘Dothan Animal Shelter Adoptable Pets’ Facebook page HERE.

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