Phillies fans warmly greet Alec Bohm after controversial comments

A day after he was caught on camera saying derogatory things about the city, Philadelphia Phillies fans showed Alec Bohm the true meaning of “The City of Brotherly Love.”

Bohm had a disastrous Monday game on the court. When he was booed after his third mistake in the game, he was filmed saying “I hate this place”. After the game, Bohm admitted saying that, said it was a searing comment and not his true feelings, and more importantly, apologized.

Bohm didn’t start Tuesday’s game against the New York Mets but was called upon to hit hard. When introduced, Bohm was greeted with a tremendous ovation.

What is the lesson here?

It would have been understandable if Bohm got booed at least once immediately after his comments. But rather than denying his comments or trying to justify them, he apologized at the earliest opportunity. It’s a lesson Cincinnati Reds president Phil Castellini should have learned. If he had, his apology might have been better received.

Philadelphia is known as one of the toughest sports cities in the world. But even the toughest fans are willing to forgive someone who asks for forgiveness. Bohm did just that. And he and the Phillies fans seem to be much happier about it.

[NBC Sports Philadelphia]

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