Prime Minister sends greetings to Slovenia on Statehood Day

LITHUANIA, June 25 – On behalf of the government and people of Lithuania, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė sends her greetings to Slovenia, which celebrates its National Day on June 25.

“I highly appreciate the friendship and close cooperation between our countries within the EU, NATO and other international organizations, as well as your country’s contribution to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States. I am confident that our states will continue to work together to strengthen our cooperation and friendship,” Prime Minister Šimonytė said in her message of greetings to Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob.

The head of government stressed the importance of continued unity in supporting Ukraine and strengthening sanctions against Russia and Belarus to seek lasting peace, and a strong Europe that is not susceptible to the blackmail of aggressors.

The Prime Minister wished the Slovenian people prosperity and well-being as he celebrated his State’s Day.

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