Public meeting held to fight vandalism in Gary-New Duluth



DULUTH, Minn.– Gary-New Duluth has suffered vandalism in the past year, including during the construction of the new area recreation center. Now the community and local law enforcement are coming together to address these issues in the area.

“Some of them were pretty limited when it comes to dating and social distancing guidelines and stuff like that. But yeah, it’s a beautiful night, we can have it outside so hopefully a lot of people show up, ”said James Forsyth, West Duluth Community Manager.

And that’s exactly what happened when dozens of Gary-New Duluth residents came to the area’s first in-person community rally to meet with police about vandalism and repeated crime in the neighborhood.

Forsyth said the meeting aimed to address issues related to break-ins and vandalism, including the Gary-New Duluth Rec Center last month. The meeting was a question and answer session with the DPD and residents on what the public can do to help. Constable Forsyth’s biggest advice is to never be afraid to call 911 and always give the police a good description of an incident, as residents are eyes and ears when the police are not. not here.

“We value our relationships in the community. We rely on them for information, ”Forsyth said. “Be a good witness, know your descriptions of the people involved, the vehicles involved and the directions of travel. The more information we have before arriving at the scene, the better for us. “

Several people present asked the officers questions. One resident who spoke at the meeting was Terry Teich, who moved to Gary due to the quietness of the neighborhood. After events like the vandalism at the recreation center, she says it is important for the community to come together to try and put an end to these incidents with the help of law enforcement.

“I just think it’s sad. You know, they set it up. This is the park for inline skates and skateboards, so they create something that the community can use, for young people. And then people come in and throw this away? I mean, no, you don’t do that. If it’s not taken care of, it will happen more and more, ”Teich said.

A former resident of the Hillside community, she said local residents would organize a little neighborhood watch that would keep people engaged in the area and with local law enforcement. And hope similar changes happen to Gary.

The most important point according to the DPD was not to be afraid to call 911. Adding that if something seems suspicious, do not get involved and contact law enforcement immediately.


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