Rubina Dilaik: Social networks are a platform to explore; it’s not there to control you


Actress Rubina Diaik says she keeps a balance on social media, otherwise it’s easy to get overwhelmed.


The popularity of Rubina Dilaik is increasing every year. With his many fans supporting his personal and professional moves, actor Shakti admits his “heart is filled with gratitude for all their love.” She adds, “As an artist, the greatest reward for you is the love and appreciation you receive. It doesn’t match the rewards there. I realized that the life of an artist is dedicated to the public. We strive to entertain and perform for our audience. When we are loved and accepted immensely, it gives us validation of who we are. ”

Recently, Dilaik was number seven on Twitter’s Top 10 Hashtags list in the first half of 2021. She shares that after her victory over Bigg Boss earlier this year, she realized the impact of social media. She explains further: “If I said I’m happy to be talked about globally, that would be an understatement. But, for me, the takeaway from Twitter trends is the love of my fans. I strive to make my work speak for me and recognition for this work is what we all seek. To be recognized on a global platform for your work is second to none. These trends prove how much people love me, talk about my work and the effort they put into showing it. It is commendable that they are so genuinely dedicated and reiterate their love for me that I am forced to work even harder not to let them down.

Although the actor enjoys social media, she also states that it is just a tool between her and her fans and you don’t have to go crazy about it. “I keep everything in life in a balanced state, this also applies to my appearance on social media and its impact on my state of mind. Adapting to all trends, keeping tabs on what people are saying about you, or responding to hateful comments isn’t important. Be who you are and know how to use social media. I am aware of what I publish, of what I want to represent on the platform and also of what I want to absorb from it. I don’t pay attention to the comments and the trolling.

She adds, “When I notice how much effort and energy my fans put into making my music videos or videos go viral, I recognize that. We have to learn the art of rejection and recognition. In the end, it’s for your own sanity. I’m not swayed by what’s going on on social media and neither can I keep posting because I want to get attention. There is a fine line that m “helps to balance. I have to keep a balance or things can get overwhelming,” she concludes.


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