Seán Kelly of Galway should be cleared for the semi-final

Seán Kelly looks set to be cleared to play in the All-Ireland semi-final against Derry despite being shown a red card after the scrum in Sunday’s All-Ireland SFC quarter-final.

he Galway captain and Aidan Nugent, one of Armagh’s co-captains, were singled out by referee David Coldrick and shown a red card when the players reappeared for extra time.

It has been suggested that their captaincy may have led to their dismissals as a symbolic act, but there is no tolerance in the rule for such a course of action and it is believed that the “contribution to a scrum” in is the reason.

But there may be an acknowledgment that they were identified in error and that would make a strong argument for any proposed suspension to be overturned. Both players are still expected to request a hearing, but there is no video evidence to back up the penalty cases against either player.

The GAA’s Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) is due to meet today to establish what further sanctions are deserved, but with disciplinary cases taken against Stefan Campbell and Nugent falling in April at a Central Committee meeting. ‘appeal (CAC) as there were no details around what they did to “contribute to a scrum”, the options may be limited to the CCCC.

The extended Armagh squad member who is facing shocking complaints against Damien Comer is expected to find out the full extent of his proposed suspension in the coming days.

Meanwhile, there are no plans to assign dressing rooms to opponents on either side of Croke Park following Sunday’s game, despite calls to do so.

Former GAA chairman Liam O’Neill said yesterday it would be a practical thing to do.

“During my tenure as GAA president, I made a huge effort to clear the touchlines, I only had one manager and one runner on the sidelines. I think that’s more than enough,” he said on RTÉ.

“I really think we need to address this situation. We had a situation at Croke Park yesterday where we had great dressing rooms on both sides of the pitch; we could have used one for either team in Game 1, one for either team in Game 2, and avoided that.

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