Shedrick Jackson Senior Spotlight: “Leading From the Front”

Football will always be one of Jackson’s first loves. At the age of 5 he saw his friends play and knew it was something he wanted to get involved with. He started playing back then and hopes to keep playing until he has a shot at the Super Bowl.

For Jackson, his drive and greatest motivation come from his mother, Laquesha Sanders. Seeing how hard she worked for him and his brothers inspires her to be awesome.

There’s so much Jackson still hopes to accomplish before his time at Auburn ends and even after he leaves Auburn, but if he could go back and say one thing to himself younger, it would be ” to learn everything I can about anything”. it is, whether it’s sports or what’s going on in the world around me – just learn everything I can.

Outside of football, Jackson enjoys spending time with his friends. He recently got a dog and spends much of his free time training and walking it. He graduated from Harbert College of Business and is completing an additional degree.

Before he leaves, Jackson wants the Auburn family to know him as more than just a football player.

“I hope they know me for being a guy who worked hard and cared more than winning,” he said. “I cared about the people around me and did everything I could to make the team successful.”

The phrase “War Eagle” is Auburn’s battle cry. It can be used as a greeting or greeting among the Auburn family. But for Jackson, it’s special because he embodies what Auburn is all about and that “sense of Auburn family.”

“No matter where you go, if you see someone wearing an Auburn logo, you say ‘War Eagle’ to them, and that’s a different kind of language. It’s special,” he said.

Morgyn Jones is a student media relations worker for Auburn Athletics

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