Showing Common Courtesy to All—How to Become Neutral in Your Greetings | Arena

When addressing individuals or groups of people face to face, over the phone or via email, the usual intention is to show warmth, hospitality and respect. However, this positive goal is not always achieved, especially when gendered remarks are used. Fortunately, we have advice on how to become gender neutral in your greetings and have a major impact on those around you.

From pointing out countless examples of gendered greetings that we regularly hear in society to learning about the issue nature gendered greetings to take the first step by sharing your own pronouns in interactions – we’re here to raise awareness of how gender-neutral greetings fit into today’s evolving landscape of gender identity, inclusiveness, and expression. After all, prioritizing this communication shift will affect more people personally than you might think.

The Personal Impact of Gendered Remarks

Gendered greetings are more common than you think

Why guessing someone’s gender is problematic

The landscape has changed and the greetings must too

How to become gender neutral in your greetings

How do genderless greetings work in practice?

When gendered greetings are acceptable

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