SJRMC Adds Childbirth Classes to Meet Community Needs

FARMINGTON, NM — The San Juan Regional Medical Center has launched free classes for expectant parents.

“Being a new parent is a big life change and you’re responsible for another human being, so it’s important to learn the skills you need,” said Kathy Coleman, childbirth patient educator at SJRMC. .

To help San Juan County women access these skills, Coleman revitalized the center’s childbirth classes.

“Relieving anxiety is a big part of the program because knowledge is power if you understand something you are less likely to be afraid of it and we want to help mothers.”

SJRMC will offer classes on every trimester of pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, and even teenage pregnancy.

“Our providers felt this was a huge need in our community – teenage pregnancies have declined over the years, but it still happens, so we want to make sure we’re giving this mum the best shot at life. to have a good life, and also that her baby has a chance to have a good life,” Coleman said.

Pregnant teens can face many unique challenges.

“Very often we get a teenager and they’re already in crisis during the pregnancy, like with preeclampsia or underweight babies, they’re anemic, those things are all huge problems with teenagers,” Coleman said. . “So if we can give them a resource that helps them get information and take better care of themselves, that care will lead to a better pregnancy and a healthier baby.”

Classes will be offered throughout the year. The teen pregnancy course begins for the first time on Wednesday.

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