Sun Salutations for Son: Husband and Wife Offer Yoga Classes for First Responders


HEAD OF CHEZETCOOK, NS – A husband-wife duo in Nova Scotia want to help first responders harness the healing power of yoga – a passionate project that grew out of great personal pain.

The couple operate a mobile yoga practice where they visit clients, who are first responders and veterans.

“It all started about two years ago, our son Benjamin, who was a volunteer firefighter with the Chezzetcook fire department, unfortunately lost his life in a car accident,” said Bruno Baurin.

The couple felt compelled to give back to the first responder community through yoga.

“It brings them back to a point of homeostasis where, when the alarm goes off, they’re also high,” Baurin said.

“So with the different types of training and tactics that we’re going to come up with, that will bring them back to a different state where they can function properly.”

Baurin says the benefits can improve performance, reduce stress, make first responders more focused, as well as strengthen teamwork and communications.

“All of these tools that they can use during the day on their shift,” he said.

In addition to being a volunteer firefighter, their late son Benjamin was a sports fan who also enjoyed spending time with his border collie.

“He would be happy because, as a volunteer firefighter in our community of Chezzetcook, he volunteered his time, he always gave and wanted to do better in the community and help others,” said Baurin.

“Now that he’s gone, we want to keep that legacy alive and help our first responders in our community feel better.”

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