“The ANC cannot afford not to elect a woman vice-president” – Mmamoloko Kubayi launches his electoral campaign

Mmamoloko Kubayi at the launch of her ANC vice-presidential campaign in Soweto.

  • Mmamoloko Kubayi, an ANC NEC member, was endorsed by her ANC branch in Protea South Soweto to contest the post of vice-president at the ANC elective conference in December.
  • Kubayi said she would accept the nomination once it was officially made.
  • The former ANC Youth League member says she is more than capable of serving in the party’s top six.

Mmamoloko Kubayi, a member of the ANC NEC, is firmly in the running to contest the post of vice-president of the ANC.

The Minister of Human Settlements believes that 2022 must be the pivotal year when women represent 50% of the representation in the first six of the ANC.

His Saturday supporters firmly believed that his hometown ANC branch in Protea South, Soweto, would be the perfect launching pad for his ANC vice-presidential campaign.

Kubayi was ushered into the ANC Women’s League event with an honor guard of women dressed in full ANC insignia and carrying the party flag, while singing protest songs.

The event has been dubbed the commemoration of Women’s Month.

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However, it was mainly used to announce Kubayi’s endorsement as vice-president of the ANC when the party heads to its elective conference in December.

The theme of “broken patriarchal relations” was appropriate for the occasion, with each speaker linking their message to the need for a gender-diverse ANC leadership.

The head of the ANC’s Johannesburg young women’s office, Pinkie Numa, announced Kubayi’s endorsement, saying the ANC had no gender equality in its first six.

She said Kubayi had the ability the ANC was looking for.

Numa said:

Even though they say the top six are not a structure, the top six sit and discuss and make recommendations to the NWC, but they sit alone as men making decisions that impact us , the women.

“That’s why we say shamelessly, ‘…comrade, go represent us in that top six. Comrade, if that’s the ability they’re looking for, then surely they can’t blame you,'” a she added.

ANC branch leader Moloto Tambane said Kubayi was more than capable of helping the party achieve economic transformation.

ANC top six 50% representation

While Kubayi has ceased to shy away from putting herself at the center of the party’s struggles to select women for positions of power, she said 2022 must be the watershed year that changed the party’s leadership to reflect the demographics of the country.

She said the ANC could not demand representation of women in the private sector as the party struggled to elect enough women to the top six.

Kubayi said the ANC’s elective conferences this year had not fully delivered on gender representation.

She recognized Gauteng as one of the few provinces to have three women elected to the top five provincial executive.

Kubayi said on Saturday:

The ANC cannot afford not to have a female vice-president. It’s a principle, and even if it’s not Khensani in the top six, the ANC can’t afford not to have 50% of women in the top six. You look at the demographics of this country, and you see women. Yes, the question of substitution is a problem, but it would be the first.

Lobbying is gaining momentum

Kubayi’s campaign officials said she had been approached since February by senior ANC members who believed she had the potential.

A suggestion that she would run for deputy general secretary has been touted.

But supporters believed she was capable of a bigger role that would allow her to remain in government service.

That’s when the idea of ​​her running for vice president gained momentum, Kubayi activists told News24.

Lobbying for his support was gaining momentum at branches in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and possibly Limpopo.

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In her acknowledgment of the difficult journey ahead as the ANC nomination process is expected to open in the coming weeks, Kubayi said if nominated she would accept.

“I will accept the nomination when the time is right for it to be made. No branch officially nominated me, but my branch said they wanted to start the process so we can go. Those who say they supporters will have to travel around the country. . It’s not just my branch. There are several supporters. We think there is a chance for us to be able to challenge, and we will take this stride, “a Kubayi said.

“As a true cadre of the movement, I served the ANC and grew up in that movement. [from accepting] appointment when the time comes.

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