The municipality of Palakkad sticks to “yes, sir”


The municipality of Palakkad on Tuesday rejected a resolution proposed by Congress to remove the greetings “Sir” and “Madam” from official use.

Congressman Mansoor Manalanchery moved the resolution calling for the support of the ruling BJP to remove “sir” and “madam” on the grounds that the greetings were a remnant of the British colonial era.

The ruling BJP, however, rejected the request saying that “sir” and “madam” could not be removed from official language as they were an integral part of the language of respect currently in use.

President’s stand

City President Priya Ajayan said it was an issue that needed detailed and careful consideration, and therefore, no quick decisions could be made on an emotional note.

The campaign launched by a group of social activists against the use of “Mr” and “Madam” in the offices of local bodies had gained wider recognition with more and more local self-governments joining the bandwagon. .

History in a way

The Mathur grama panchayat in the district of Palakkad made a kind of history when he abandoned the use of mister and madam about a month ago.

Several panchayats across the state have followed suit. The presidents of 60 panchayats of the Muslim League of Indian Union in the Malappuram district have decided to remove “sir” and “madam” from the panchayat offices.

The State Congress also decided to remove the use of “sir” and “madam”.

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