This new line of greeting cards won ‘Best New Product’ for delivering a culinary adventure

Life of Spice greeting cards feature illustrations of popular travel destinations along with a related spice blend and recipe.

When it comes to gifts for foodies, there are a plethora of options in the gift industry, from gourmet treats to socks with sushi rolls. Now, a new greeting card company is upping the ante with cards designed for budding chefs and travel enthusiasts alike. A collaboration between a chef and a globe-trotting artist, The life of spices creates specialized cards that provide an immersive experience for recipients.

Each card features original digital artwork on the cover that highlights a travel destination, and inside each card is a sample spice and related recipe to complete the experience. Maps essentially help bring the excitement of travel and the beauty of experiencing other cultures right to a consumer’s doorstep.

And we’re not the only ones noticing this hot new business.

Life of Spice debuted at NY NOW during the summer show in August, and the show judges were so impressed with the innovative idea that they awarded manufacturers Danae McLaughlin and Sandra Hovancik the Best New Product award. McLaughlin and Hovancik were also named finalists in the Best Emerging Brand category for their unique vision and product originality. The NY NOW Awards offer a significant opportunity for brands to be recognized for innovation and design.

“We were so surprised to learn that we were finalists for Best New Product and Best Emerging New Brand,” McLaughlin explained. “But when they named us winners with this beautiful trophy, we were speechless! We are just a small women-owned business and being recognized has made us proud of what we have created. »

“With so many great talents surrounding us at the show, receiving one of the best new products was a very humbling experience,” added Hovancik. “Developing Life of Spice has been an adventure in itself, and this crowning achievement means the world to us.”

In addition to cards, the Life of Spice range includes spice blends and standalone art.

The business is the brainchild of executive chef Danae McLaughlin, who created all of the original recipes and spices, and artist Sandra Hovancik, who created the designs based on the two’s travels around the world. The product line includes not only cards, but also original spices, seasoning salts and stand-alone works of art.

Spices are sourced from around the world in whole form and are organic where possible. Manufacturers then grind the spices in small batches to keep them fresh. Each 5×7 card is blank on the inside so the sender can create any message for any occasion, and the American-made cards also come with a recycled paper envelope.

McLaughlin and Hovancik plan to bring Life of Spice to the SF Now show April 27-28, 2023 to introduce their product line to the West Coast wholesale community.

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