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Two boys dressed up as dinosaurs to greet their grandmother at Victoria International Airport in June 2019 (File photo / Tabitha Cooper)

Victoria International Airport’s dinosaur greeting goes viral, yet again

Second anniversary marked by international attention

A Jurassic greeting at Victoria International Airport continues to garner worldwide attention.

In June 2019, two boys decided to dress up in inflatable dinosaur costumes to give a fun greeting to their grandmother, who had done the same two years earlier in Toronto.

“They thought they were getting her back,” the boys’ mother Tabitha Cooper said at the time. “They didn’t know she would be dressed as a dinosaur too. “

Grandma-Sauraus stepped out of it, resulting in a parade of waves with extremely short arms, dancing and hopping. The trio bounce back into a group embrace that could warm even people in cold blood.

The whole meeting was filmed on video which has been around the Internet ever since.

And two years later, this viral video once again gained attention on popular online platforms, including Reddit. It was even featured on Wednesday morning on The Ciboulette.

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