Whether you are a young person or a professional with a lot of work experience, your CV is an extremely important piece of paper that reflects everything you have done in your professional life.

To help you find the right job, The real CV guru shared the right way to share an email application that will help you write an impressive resume and leave a great first impression on your hiring manager.

1. Address it directly to the person concerned as this will create an instant connection with them.

2. Add a clean subject line that includes the position you are applying for as well as your name.

3. When writing the body of the application, mention the position for which you are applying as well as your relevant skills and experience.

4. If you are fresher, list your degrees and skills in the body.

5. Close your request with a neat one-liner along with your relevant contact details.

In her brilliant thread, she also mentioned a few basic but essential pointers that should be checked before hitting that send button.

In a separate thread, she mentioned how people thank her after landing the job they so desperately wanted.

Now that you know it, go pass this interview!