What Happened to Steph and Dom from Gogglebox: The Ups and Downs of Their Life and TV Career


Steph and Dom Parker rose to fame with their fun and oft-drunken appearances on Gogglebox.

From 2013 to 2016, the couple, who ran the Salutation Hotel at the time in Sandwich, entertained the nation.

Fans of the couple, married for over 20 years, may have been disappointed when they decided to quit the show in 2016.

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However, they had nothing to fear as TV executives visibly saw the Parkers’ star quality.

Since leaving Gogglebox, Steph and Dom have starred in a series of Channel Four shows, making them two of the show’s biggest stars.


TV / radio work

In February 2018, the couple landed their own live radio show on talkRADIO.

They were given a slot early on the weekend, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., every Saturday and Sunday.

On the show, the couple gave their unique take on current events and all the latest news, much like their comments on TV shows they watched on Gogglebox.

The show ran for 20 months before ending in November 2019.

The couple in Channel 4’s Gogglebox

Other televised work included The Great Hotel Escape and Steph and Dom’s One Star to Five Star, where the couple used their experience as a hotelier to help others in the business.

And in perhaps their most fleeting release, they appeared in the first series of the Channel 4 hit Hunted – the celebrity version.

This saw them become fugitives and attempt to escape a team of experienced hunters.

In true Steph and Dom style, seven minutes into the start of episode two, the couple were surprised by the hunters at a friend’s lavish home.

Steph and Dom Meet Nigel Farage was one of their hottest shows.

The Parkers welcomed the right-wing UKIPer to their Sandwich hotel when Farage was at the height of his powers.

In the funny and candid exchanges between the politician and the Parkers, Steph continues to mispronounce Nigel’s last name and tells Dom to take him to the pub.

Dom also gets personal with Mr. Farage questioning him about his marriage.

The book

In 2015, Steph and Dom published their own book.

A guide where the couple gives their combined wisdom on “how to make the most of whatever life has in store for you”.


In the last of their televised work, Steph and Dom became documentary directors in “Steph and Dom: Cannabis save our son?”.

The couple investigated whether medicinal marijuana could help save their son Max, who suffers from severe epilepsy and can have more than 100 seizures a day.

Steph explains, in a clip from the show, Max was diagnosed with a rare condition called West Syndrome.

West syndrome is a constellation of symptoms characterized by epileptic / infantile spasms, abnormal brain waves called hypsarrhythmia, and intellectual disability.

The program got excellent reviews, scoring seven out of ten on IMDB.

The Salvation

Dom and Steph Parker, with La Salutation in the background

Steph and Dom closed the Salutation when The Salutation Hotel Ltd, which operated the hotel, became insolvent.

They bought the Grade I listed mansion in 2004 for £ 2.6million, but turned it into a hotel after first gaining recognition through Gogglebox.

It was leased by John and Dorothy Fothergill at the time of its liquidation.

John and Dorothy had a five-year lease with Dom and Steph, and were in charge of the day-to-day management of the Sandwich Hotel.

Bad health

A few years ago, Steph and Dom met Lorraine Kelly.

On the ITV show, Steph spoke to Lorraine about her poor health, saying she suffered from double pneumonia and a heart infection.

The experience, Steph told Lorraine, caused her to “re-evaluate” her life.

Dom was on The Jump, a show featuring celebrities participating in winter sports events.

The show was eventually deleted after racking up an impressive number of injured celebrities.

Dom was one of those celebrities who suffered a concussion.

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