Will Cain: The Left “Fundamentally Not Serious” About Fighting a Crime Culture


Fox News Primetime host Will Cain described President Biden’s assault gun attack as a way to fight the increase in violent crime in the United States.

VA CAIN: The American left has systematically worked to create a culture of crime. Our laws are consistently labeled not only as unfair, but also as systemic racists. Who would follow the rules of a rigged game? In San Francisco, shoplifters brazenly steal and surrender for free for anything under $ 950. In Los Angeles, District Attorney George Gascon is fighting to shorten the sentences of violent murderers. The laws against illegal immigration are absolutely not enforced. Many rioters and suspected looters from last summer’s unrest in Portland and New York have been freed and their charges dropped. And our leaders are rushing to defend criminals like Jacob Blake – who was wanted on a sexual assault warrant – he is popular as Kamala Harris has said she is proud of him. This while the police are denigrated, called fascists, NAZIS pigs, racists. You can destroy the rule of law and create a culture of crime.

These people are fundamentally frivolous when it comes to attacking the culture of crime in our society. They will do anything to divide us and distract us from the real problem.

… They will talk about the mystical concept of systemic racism while funding the police that keep everyone safe. Then, after removing our police protection, they will disclose the firearms that law-abiding citizens are buying in record numbers to protect themselves from this growing wave of crime.


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